Healthy & Low Calorie Snacks for Your Fun House Party!
December 1, 2014

Holiday merriment is upon us. It’s time to take out the good wine and your finest china and throw an awesome house party to celebrate with friends and family! Nervous about packing up a few pounds with the endless, mouth watering party foods? Don’t worry! We’ll give you recipes for low calorie menus that’ll guarantee your guests a good time without the risk of gaining 5 pound in one night!



It’s not a party sans alcohol and red wine will give your party a touch of sophistication! Red wine is not only low in calorie but also rich in antioxidant that’ll protect your liver and help the body protect the healthy cells. The potassium, resveratrol, and pycnogenol that act as collagen boosters in red wine can also help maintain blood vessels’ elasticity that’ll slow the aging process. The natural sugar in wine can also help with fatigue and boost your immune system.


Resveratrol is also an anti-carcinogenic agent and can help with pain from therapy for breast cancer. Medical doctors from Institute of cancer Research have shown that antioxidant in grapes can protect the body from fibrosis radiation, which is the hardening of tissues on the breast area due to painful radiotherapy. For people with high cholesterol, saponin in red wine can help reduce blood cholesterol concentration in their body.


One to two glasses of red wine have been proven to increase sex drive in women. Research done by a team of Italian doctors shows that women that consume red wine has a higher sex drive as compared with women that consume other kinds of alcoholic beverages. A certain chemical in red wine can repair sexual dysfunction by increasing blood flow to the genitals.



You might have been avoiding nuts like the plague due to their high fat content, but that might be unnecessary after all! The fat content in nuts are monosaturated and can increase the good cholesterol (High-Density Lipoprotein, HDL) and reduce the bad cholesterol (Low-Density Lipoprotein, LDL). Monosaturated fat is also good for the health of your hair, skin, and nails. But despite of the benefits, you still have to be careful with high calorie content in nuts! A handful of hazelnuts that contains 94% monosaturated fat is enough for 1 portion!



A tray of raw vegetables can also be a favorite in parties! Vegetables contain a lot of water and nutrients. It’s also low in calorie and 100% fat free! Get creative and make colorful and interesting salad appetizers that will get your guests munching on healthy food without any sense of apprehension. Delicious asparagus, vibrant green peas, and other fresh produce is a great alternative to serve to your friends and lift the mood.



Raw veggies might not be everyone’s favorite. But don’t worry, a delicious tomato juice can also be a healthy alternative! A glass of tomato juice is low in calorie and fat and also high in vitamin C. you can also make tomato into healthy desserts. Tomato does contain carbs, but carbohydrate from fruits is still easier to consume and better for your body as compared to carbohydrates from starchy rice, noodles, or bread. Amino acid in tomato has a benefit of repairing damaged cells. Tomato can also give your body a much-needed detox! Even though tomato juice is comparatively healthy, people suffering frim hypertension should limit the consumption of this beverage because it’s high in salt and mineral.



You peel it, you slice it to bite size pieces, and serve it on a platter. Couldn’t get any easier than that. That’s what makes fruits a dessert favorite for party throwers. Just like vegetables, fruits are high in nutrients, water contents, and low in calorie and fat. Fruits can help you feel fuller and minimize calorie and fat intake when you finally dive into the divine main course menu. You should start seeing fruits as not just last resort snacks when you have nothing else in the fridge but as something to have everyday on your plate.


According to a nutrition expert Emilia E. Achmadi, eating fruits should be mandatory in order to fulfill your daily nutritional needs. Emilia also suggested to eat fruits more than once a day in between big meals as snacks so that you can reduce the amount of food you’re eating without you even noticing it.



Fish dishes are not exactly a crowd pleaser at parties, but why wouldn’t it be? Fish can add sophistication to your menu and it’s full of good nutrients. You can make sushi roll or use smoked salmon to enriched the meal. Both menus are high in omega 3, an essential fatty acid that our body requires. It can make your hair, skin, and nails healthier just like nuts.



Popcorn doesn’t just belong in movie theaters! It’s also a great party snack that’s low in calorie if you make it right. 1 cup of popcorn contains just 30 calories with more than 1 gram of fiber, and 1 big box of popcorn onl contains 93 calories and 1.5 grams of fat. It’s not only low in fat, but also high in antioxidant, vitamin B, E, and magnesium. But remember to hold it with the butter or other fattening toppings like caramels that can make the fat content go through the roof.



Compared to regular cakes, angel food cake can contain 50% less calories, so it’s a perfect, healthier alternative for your party that’s low in fat. The cake is made with no egg yolk or chemicals, but it’s not lacking on the flavor department. A combination of egg whites, cream of tartar, sugar, flour, salt, and other flavorings make sure of that! It has a unique shape and texture due to the egg white and it will entice just anyone at the party. Give your guests a healthier option for dessert with angel food cake, which you can kick up a notch with low calorie fresh fruits like strawberry as toppings.



Soda is not the only beverage you can serve in your party! Dress up regular water with lemon juice and serve them to clean up your palate after few glasses red wine! Lemon can eliminate bad breath and can also neutralize all the calories you’ve consumed. Not only it will quench your thirst, it will also make sure your body gets the water it needs especially if you’ve been drinking alcohol.


See? Throwing a party need not mean you have to serve food high in calorie and fat! You can enjoy a social gathering and still consume delicious and healthy food! Have fun and let your hair down on your party but don’t fall into the trap of self-indulgence with junk food! The most important thing: make a commitment with yourself to eat just enough and be mindful of your calorie intake. Don’t ruin your diet just because of a social event on a special merry occasion! Happy holidays!

First published in Translated and edited by Gold’s Gym Indonesia.