Fight Dehydration to Elevate Your Results in The Gym!
September 30, 2015

In order to get ideal body shape, it isn’t surprising that we spend so much time on a treadmill or doing various sets of cardio exercise intensively. But did you know that cardio exercise increases our risk of suffering dehydration?
Dehydration is a condition where our body lose too much fluid and ions, due to the release of massive amount of sweat while we’re exercising. Given that 60% components of the human body consists of fluids – not only water but also ions – excessive dehydration will trigger many disorders for our body’s function.
Hence, what can we do to prevent the dehydration from becoming another obstacle on reaching our goals? Take some notes from these following hydration steps, so you know how to avoid dehydration for your next cardio time!
1. Pre-Exercise
Your hydration discipline begins 2-3 hour before your exercise time. It is recommended to drink 400-600 ml on this occasion. It is estimated that you lose 2 litres of sweat per hour when you exercise. So, to get you started, make sure your body is good to go!
2. DuringExercise
It is important to keep yourself hydrated during workout session. A study reveals that working out without rehydration could cause your body temperature keeps increasing rapidly, until it reached to the stage where dehydration could seriously harm you. Therefore, let’s just stay safe by constantly hydrating your body each 15-20 minutes during exercise.
3. Post Exercise
Thirst is an early warning from your body that it needs to be refilled with fluids and ions. To this extent, don’t ignore your thirst, though you’re already finished working out. Beside, a proper rehydration is a key success for you to conquer following activities. It is recommended to drink the same amount of fluid you have lost during exercise.
Considering that body fluids aren’t only consisted with water but also ions, it is necessary to hydrate yourself with ION-contained drink for your hydration discipline.
As the solution, POCARI SWEAT could be your best choice. With its similar components with our body fluid, POCARI SWEAT will be absorbed faster and replenish your ions immediately. With a maintained intake of body fluids and ions, dehydration will not harden the efforts on progressing and reaching your goals.
Hydrate according to your goals, expect to reach it anytime soon!