Exercises Guidelines for Children
September 11, 2015

5-6 Year Old


In this age range, the ability of the children’s intelligence begins to develop. They begin practice balance, rolling, tumbling, and other activities. During this age, your children are able to follow moving objects. Encourage them to remain active but don’t take your eyes off them.

7-8 Year Old

 In this age range, your children’s cognitive skills are rapidly developed and they are now able to think or form complex ideas. Choose the type of exercise that will stimulate their verbal, cognitive, social development like group exercise. Support their emotional development with yoga, this exercise is perfect for better breathing and their emotional growth. 


9-10 Year Olds

Children around this age has gained strength and muscle coordination. Their basic motor skills also have been developed. For example, they can kick, catch, and throw objects. Slowly, they become better to perform more complex exercise such as dancing  or martial arts.


10-12 Year Olds

Through organized sports, children are beginning to learn about strategy. Expose your child to more complex exercise such as basketball, hokey, or volleyball. During this age, children are entering puberty, so they experience some decline in coordination and balance.

13-16 Year Olds

Aerobics are perfect for the young adult. This sport encourages them to use their muscles. Teach them to do exercises that require large muscle group of the body on a regular basis such as skipping, cycling, running, or dancing. It is important to keep their heart and respiratory system healthy.


Take them to do sports that will strengthen their bones. The type of exercise that is designed to load specific target bone in order to stimulate healthy and string bones growth. During adolescence, exercise will improve their maximum oxygen uptake

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