Dynamic Stretching for Maximum Result
August 6, 2015

For the longest time we have been doing static stretching before a workout to increase flexibility and reduce the risk of injury. But, do you know there is other stretching technique that far more beneficial? Have you ever heard of dynamic stretching?


Not many people are familiar with dynamic stretching. Static stretching is performed slowly holding several movements for few seconds, while dynamic stretching is performed by moving the body through a challenging but comfortable range of motion repeatedly.


The many benefits of dynamic stretching:


1. Dynamic stretching benefits are ranging from improving blood flow, range of motion and your athletic performance.


2. Dynamic stretching will increase your core body and muscle temperature. This is important as a warmed-up muscle can stretch longer and endure more.


3. Can do more than stretched your muscles, dynamic stretching also prepared your body for various types of movements that will be performed at exercise time.

4. Dynamic stretching improves the range of motion around your joints. When this is become a part of your routine, dynamic stretching will maximize your movements.

5. Compared to the static one, dynamic stretching gets you mentally prepared for the exercise. Your body doesn’t need to go through a difficult transition from rest period into active mode.