8 Healthy Food Swap for Faster Weight Loss
November 17, 2015

Are you on a diet? Been going the extra mile to lose weight but nothing seems working? As a rule of thumb, weight loss is generally 75% diet and 25% exercise. Let’s upgrade your eating habits by doing this simple food swaps with a fair amount of exercise. If you commit to the long-term progress, the results will come in just one month.

1. Swap Fried Rice with Vegetable Omelet

Rice is Indonesia’s most important staple food and many of us share the experience of having fried rice every morning before we go to school. Consist of rice, chicken, oil, egg, and crackers, a plate of fried rice surprisingly pack a lot of calories up to 740 calories. No wonder you feel sleepy after breakfast!
Swap your fried rice with vegetable omelet. In addition to lower in calories and richer in protein, you can add a variety of veggies as much as you want without making your belly stick out.

2. Swap Chocolate Milk with Dark Chocolate

When pre-dinner hunger attack, snacking is the best available option. According to a Nielsen report, 69% Asian loves chocolate, even though a bar of chocolate has more than 210 calories, mostly comes from sugar.

Swap your milk chocolate with the healthier ‘cousin’, dark chocolate. Why dark chocolate is better? Contains more cocoa extract and low in fat, this healthy delicacy is rich in antioxidant, which is good for your heart!
3. Swap butter /mayonnaise /cream with avocado

Avocado has a bad reputation. Since avocado is high in fat, many people tend to steer clear of this fruit. The truth is, avocado have various benefits for weight loss. Who would have thought that the buttery and rich avocado is so versatile it can liven up any dish.  Scoop out the inner flesh of avocado and puree in a food processor or blender until smooth. Add a couple drops of olive oil then you have the healthiest spread to replace mayonnaises, butter, cream, or cheese. Here is a simple recipe, when making a sandwich, swap the mayonnaises with avocado puree. It tastes more creamy and delicious!

4. Swap Frappucinno with Black Coffee

People of Indonesia love to enjoy a cup of coffee after lunch or dinner. So, it has become a habit for them to bring some ‘souvenirs’ like frappucinno or capucino in a takeaway cup after lunch hour. Can you guess how many calories are in a frappucinno? 480 calories! Worth of a plate of coconut rice with the side dishes!

Let’s make a change. Swap your frappucinno with black coffee. Besides free from any artificial sweeteners, black coffee contains more antioxidants. It you can’t handle the bitter taste, add a splash of low-fat milk, honey and cinnamon.

5. Biscuit with whole wheat bread

Your office drawers are full of biscuits? During pre-dinner hunger, biscuits are the best company to stop the hunger for a while. But unfortunately, we only stopped snacking after we finished the whole pack. Sadly old  habits indeed die hard. 

Always bring at least two slices of wheat bread whenever you go. A simple sandwich made with two slices of bread, some slices of tomatoes and cucumber with smoke chicken/beef equal to 175 calories. Your craving is satisfied without the guilt.

6. Swap cereal with oat and fruit slice

For those who are too busy for breakfast, cereal has always been practical and keeps us full until lunch. But did you know that many cereals contain loads of sugar, artificial sweetener and coloring?
We do have better option. Swap your cereal with oatmeal. Rich in fiber and low in bad cholesterol, oatmeal makes a delicious breakfast. Upgrade your oatmeal by adding a splash of almond milk, fruit slices or dry nuts. Congrats, now your breakfast is more delightful than ever! 
7. Swap ice cream with banana

It’s safe to say that ice cream is the ultimate comfort food for millions of people. People are now becoming more health conscious; thereof healthy eating is more top of mind for consumers now than ever before. Great news! We have found the amazing substitute for ice cream and it tastes as great as the real thing!

Not convinced? Try this recipe. Store 5-6 bananas in the freezer. Put the chunks of frozen banana into the food processor until it looks smooth as ice cream. So creamy and sweet!
8. Swap deep-fried peanuts with edamame

Deep-fried peanuts are essential during football season or a fun hangout session. Crunchy and savory, deep-fried peanuts are relatively cheap. Sadly, this crispy snack has been through a very harsh processing method. Not only diminished nutritional contents, deep-frying will add a lot of calories. Not to forget, a handful of deep-fried peanuts contain up to 450 calories.
Edamame is unripened green soybeans. Although less popular than groundnut or cashew, edamame have great health benefits. Rich in isoflavoned and fiber, edamame may help prevent cancer, lower the risk of heart attack and make our bone stronger. Steam the edamame and add with a sprinkle of salt.