5 Tips for Stronger Ramadan
June 24, 2015

1. Don’t Cut Off Your Sleeping Time

Invitation to fast-breaking dinner oftfacen ends up on late night hangout and suddenly it’s morning. You may need to make sure that you get enough zzz’s because sleep deprivation might lead to many problems, one of them is messing up your suhoor time.  Waking up for suhoor or pre-dawn meal is always a struggle, but fasting is harder without it. A quick tips for you, prepare your next day suhoor before you are going to any fast-breaking dinner. Simple recipes such as overnight oats or stir-fried vegetables could be the options.


2. Pamper Yourself with Healthy Food

After managed to deal with hunger for more than 14 hours, don’t ‘punish’ your body by eating unhealthy foods such as snack or canned foods. This type of food is high on sugar and salt but lack of nutrition. After snacking we will end up hungrier and thirstier. Upgrade your snack game with healthy yet yummy foods such as dark chocolate, fresh fruits, almond, and high fiber food.


3. Love Your Gut

Break fasting time is a battlefield. It’s very easy to find a variety of delicious food, which makes us bite off more than we can chew. We know this is not like shooting fish in a barrel; the temptation is all too great. First thing first, make sure than veggies and fruits are the first food to break your fast. Fiber helps to keep your digestive tract flowing and prevent bloating also constipation.


4. Skip The Dessert

Cold and sweet treats are wolves in sheep’s clothing. A bowl of Kolak (stewed banana in coconut milk) is the reason that making you pack on the pounds. It’s actually pretty normal that our body craves sugar, but we have to limit the amount with one meal every two or three days. Your hips will thank you later.

5. Take Some Time Off from Caffeine

Coffee is your morning staple? This Ramadan let’s limit your daily coffee intake. Coffee is a diuretic, which makes your body produce more urine and you might lose too much water. Instead of coffee, drink more water to keep your body hydrated.